One of the ways for presenting a new product, expanding business ties and simply creating a positive image of the company is organizing business events. Calling the coveted resonance and serving as an effective marketing tool, they attract the attention of the target audience. Statistic fact, that only 50% of such business-events have a positive result. So, what's a secret of success? Working with professionals and delegation of duties. We will organize your master class, team building session or conference with passion and professionalism.

The organization of the working area from the exhibition company "StandArt" is a high-quality, tastefully and stylishly designed venue. Each element here is on its own, specific place and plays a huge role in the whole project. Careful development of the design project with the thought over of all the little things is the key to the success of the upcoming campaign. Our experienced team of experts will do everything to achieve your goals. We provide comfortable furniture, rent out multimedia equipment, solve all organizational and technical issues.

Having entrusted the exhibition company "StandArt" with the design of the corporate event, the client:

  • will rid itself of unnecessary problems and worries;
  • получит желаемый результат;
  • will get the desired result;
  • will be sure that all international documentation meets the standards.

Innovative media equipment, over 15-year experience and professionalism help us doing our job on the highest level possible. If you hear or read about a fascinating conference, creative master class or effectively influenced the strategic development of the company team building, you can be almost 100% sure, the design of these events was done by the exhibition company "StandArt", probably best on market.